Structure & Equipments

The two companies are organized around 4 different departments, having dedicated means and resources.

  • The roughing department has all kind of equipment’s that allows responding quickly to customer needs. The main equipment’s are milling machines, core cutters, circular saws, wire saws, spherical generators and also mechanical tours. The roughing department has its own metrology equipment’s.

  • The polishing section has more than 20 polishing machines, from the traditional handmade polishing to the automated polishing machine and double sided polishing machine.

    The thin film deposition department (Tofico) operates 8 coating machines, including 3 in a clean room environment, with up to 700mm coating size. Tofico is capable of producing coating runs in a very short time (the average is about 1 week).

  • The control department has all measurement means that allows to follow all various step of the production cycle and to produce conformity certificates at the delivery stage of the final product.

    The main metrology equipment’s are available are: Zygo and laser interferometers, interferential microscopes, autocollimator, Heindheim electronic drop gauge, optical bench…