Since its creation, the company is specialized in production of high quality optic parts

  • The company produces high quality optic parts based on customer specifications. The company is capable of supporting its customers during their design cycles.

  • The company is able of processing all types of components: prisms, lenses, windows, mirrors..., from all kind of materials glass, fused silica, metals, crystals… with a surface flatness of λ/20 and up to Ø 1000 mm.

    All manufactured optical components are subject to quality control using Zygo interferometers. 100% of the products are fully traceable over time.

    The company is able to produce quality control reports, quality plans or custom procedures.

    Regarding thin film deposition, Tofico’s coating range goes from UV to IR, including AR coating, partially reflective coating, Rmax coating on various substrate and crystals.

  • The Tofico company is able to design and realise single layer, V type or multilayer AR coatings, Rmax dielectric coatings, protected metallic coatings, dichroic mirrors, polarising beam splitters… from 0.2 to 15µm.

    All Tofico’s coatings can be delivered with spectrophotometric report.

    The key markets addressed by J.Fichou at Tofico are space, aerospace, R&D, military and industry.